How to get here


Do not let the idea of reaching Skrova island intimidate you, since it is much easier than you think!

The ferry ride from Svolvær to Skrova island is an experience with breathtaking views of the mountains of Lofoten islands. Find yourself a comfortable seat and enjoy your warm waffle or coffee while aboard towards your new adventures.

Make sure you keep your eyes at the sea the whole time since you never know what wildlife you may have a chance to witness (whales, harbor porpoises and orcas) before reaching our harbor. Don’t miss this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Skrova island.

* This map pinpoints the ferrydock in Svolvær


Svolvær-Skrova-Skutvik ferry is free to all passengers.

Please note that your ferry to Skrova Island does not depart from the centre of Svolvær (Hurtigbåtkai).

Search : Svolværveien 91, Svolvær 8300 to find correct ferry station Svolvær-Skrova-Skutvik
Ferry : TYSFJORD / +47 992 83 218

Distance off approx. 10km, about 30min ferry ride.

It is relatively easy to find, and reach the Skrova-Svolvær-Skutvik ferry harbour. It takes about 15minutes walk from Svolvær town centre, and you will be treated to stunning views of the mountains along the way.

If you are unsure at any point, feel free to ask locals for directions  - the people of Svolvær are friendly and always willing to help visitors, or in the Turist infocentrum at the square by Thon Hotel.
Free ferry rides are available to all passengers traveling to Skrova Island.

We kindly ask all of our visitors to leave their vehicle in the harbour of Svolvær, since Skrova is a small island and parking areas here are very limited. It is much easier to explore our place by foot.

In the rare case of cancellations, there is often secondary only passenger ferry departing from the centre of Svolvær.
MS ØYKONGEN / +47 995 71 058
Departs from the centre in Svolvær close to Thon Hotel Lofoten.

* This map pinpoints the ferrydock in Svolvær